Pixel Jump Alpha Test

About The Game:

Pixel Jump is a simple, single-screen platform game about…jumping.  The game play and levels were developed in 1 weeks worth of time.  All graphics are low-res and licensed as CC-BY-SA, available for use in any project you want (found here).

How To Play:

Move your character around the levels avoiding spikes and moving enemies, collecting all coins to unlock the exit to each level.  If you die, you must start the level over again.  Some gaps are too far to simply jump over, and where there is no run function for additional speed, you must perform an in-air jump.  In-air jumping requires you to fall off the platform (NOT JUMP, FALL) and jump while falling to achieve additional distance.  Please see the options menu for Keyboard controls and Gamepad controls.

Controller Support:

All XInput supported gamepads should work with Pixel Jump Alpha.  Such controllers include:

-XBOX360 (wired/wireless)
-Logitech (wired/wireless)

Missing Features:

Since this is an Alpha build, there are some missing pieces.
-No Music or Sound Effects
-Some graphics are placeholder (specifically the Exit door).


Each Download comes with a questionnaire that I would like you to fill out and email back to me if you have time.

Windows (32-bit)

OS X(Universal Binary)

Linux(Universal 32/64bit)