Bomberandom: A Bomberman Prototype

Who doesn’t love Bomberman? I decided to take a break from my platform game for the day and wanted to try something new. Starting from scratch with no previous code or libraries (besides 2DToolKit for sprite management) I sat down this morning and started working on a Bomberman prototype. 6 cups of coffee later I introduce to you, Bomberandom. The game is basically bomberman but the walls you blow up (known as Soft Walls) are randomly placed each time the level is loaded, as well as the enemies. Objects (Heat and One Up) randomly spawn when Soft Walls are destroyed with your bombs. There are some bugs which will be pretty obvious when you start playing, I ran out of steam and couldn’t bring myself to drink yet another cup of coffee to fix them. Also the enemies don’t move and you can’t die. This is a prototype, people! Anyways, check it out at the link below: